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My Husband Next Door

My Husband Next Door


Корична цена 7.99 паунда. В чудесно състояние, с нормални следи от четене.

Меки корици, 496 страници
Издателство: Penguin (03.07.2014 г.)
Език: английски
Размери: 13 x 3.6 x 19.8 см

Catherine Alliott brings us the fabulously funny and wonderfully heart-warming My Husband Next Door.

For better or worse...

Ella was nineteen and madly in love when she married dashing young artist Sebastian Montclair. But that was a long time ago. Now Ella and the kids live in a ramshackle farmhouse while Sebastian and his paintings inhabit the outhouse next door - a family separated in every way but distance. Is it a marvellously modern relationship - or a disaster waiting to happen?

So when charming gardener Ludo arrives on the scene and Sebastian makes a sudden and surprising decision, Ella sees a chance at a fresh start. Yet with two teenagers and her parents on the verge of their own late-life crisis, will Ella be allowed to choose her own path? And how long can she hide from the truth which haunts her broken marriage?

Step into Alliott Country with My Husband Next Door.

'Another huge treat from Catherine Alliott. It's hilarious yet poignant, with wonderful characters, including all the animals! I lapped up every page.' Sophie Kinsella
'Captivating and heartwarming'

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