Ugly Americans
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Ugly Americans

Книгата има дарствен надпис върху титулната страница, а гръбчето на обложката й е леко избеляло. Без никакви други забележки по състоянието. С твърди корици.

The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys Who Raided the Asian Markets for Millions
John Malcolm was the ultimate gunslinger in the Wild East, prepared to take on any level of risk in making mind-boggling sums of money. He and his friends were hedge-fund cowboys, living life on the adrenaline-, sex-, and drugs-fueled edge - kids running billion-dollar portfolios, trading information in the back rooms of high-class " soap houses" (brothels) and at VIP tables in nightclubs across the Far East.
"Ugly Americans" is a story of extremes that follows a trail from Princeton to Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bermuda, charged with wealth, nerve, excess, and glamour.

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